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The Pedagogic Team

Helikos is a training center dedicated to the learning and teaching of theatre art. As a school, it's the place for the practice of a pedagogical journey.

A permanent faculty is responsible for the teaching at the school. All the teachers of theatrical disciplines, have previously  trained with Giovanni Fusetti, both as students and pedagogic assistants, over a period of many years.

In addition, some  guest teachers join the staff either during specific periods of the program or in intensive workshops, contributing to the artistic pedagogic research of the school.

Helikos’ pedagogic work is, and will be, a constantly evolving process. It's an alchemy in which we distill the best of our findings. The latest version is always the most updated. A fundamental reference is the Theatre Pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq. However there are many additional sources that have nourished and inspired it including: Gestalt-therapy, Body Oriented Therapies, (Wilhelm Reich & Alexander Lowen), Martial Arts, Taoism (Wutao), the practice of the state of play (le jeu) as an Altered State of Consciousness induced by movement and breathing, and Process Work (Process Oriented Psychology), as well as Theatre of the Oppressed by Augusto Boal, Community Theatre and Theatre in Education.  The integration of different practices has lead to the creation and development of a pedagogy with multiple branches.

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