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PADOVA, Italy, March 21st to June 14th, 2019


Welcome to a new edition of The Pedagogic Taaining, a quest for further knowledge and understanding of Movement-Based Theatre and the Art of teaching it.

The training addresses to theatre practitioners who have already experienced “the journey” in the role of students, are active professionally in the art of teaching, and feel the desire and need to refine their art and co-create an intensive learning time and space, in order to work on their pedagogic practice and develop their style, their skills and their meta-skills.

This Pedagogic Training program emerges from my desire and urgency to integrate, in a unique and coherent form, my pedagogic process of practice, research and experimentation of the last 25 years.  This process has followed a highly multi-disciplinary path: theatre art, pedagogy, education, somatic psychology, awareness practices and ecological sciences.

An Advanced Training in the Pedagogy of Movement Theatre
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