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​Elizabeth Baron: Voice Technique

Elizabeth is an award-winning teacher, director, actor, musician, and collaborative theater-maker. She holds an MFA in Actor-Created Physical Theater/ Lecoq from Naropa University/ London International School of the Performing Arts (LISPA) and a BA from Oberlin College and Conservatory of Music. Elizabeth studied Bel Canto opera technique at Oberlin as well as at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Beyond her formal vocal training, she has continued to research voice dynamics and technique, and paths toward achieving full vocal power and presence. Her work with people around the world has included the study of African and Fado singing, Roy Hart, Fitzmaurice, and other experimental approaches to voice and singing. 

Her recent teachers of voice include Ethie Friend, Kaya Anderson, Catherine Fitzmaurice, Saul Kotzubei, and Rory Ledbetter.

​After years of singing and performing professionally, though with little formal training, Elizabeth suffered a major vocal injury while studying at a prestigious classical voice program. The experience of working and performing with the limited use of her voice, and her efforts over a decade to regain her voice helped to shape her approach to voice pedagogy. She realized the importance of studying voice within a rich context of movement and collaborative creation. Elizabeth gained a unique perspective on the intricate process of helping people to use and strengthen their voices and most fundamentally, their ‘contact’ and connection with themselves and with the audience. Elizabeth has been studying red nose clown with Giovanni Fusetti since 2004, and became his pedagogic assistant in 2006.  In 2009 she completed the HÈLIKOS pedagogic training in Boulder, CO. Elizabeth has taught voice at HÈLIKOS since its founding year, 2010-2011.

​Elizabeth acted professionally in NYC, performing in Off-Broadway and Regional Theater productions, before leaving the bright lights of the city for Colorado’s rocky peaks, where she co-founded LaLa Theater Company in 2008.  Liz’s recent projects include directing Gemma Wilcox Productions’ Magical Mystery Detour (Pick of Fringe, Boulder International Fringe Festival (BIFF) 2012 and sold-out runs in the US & Canada), co-directing Michela Mocchiutti’s Marzia Su Roma (Teatro Fondamenta Nuova – Venice, Italy, 2011), directing and co-creating LaLa’s Love Songs For Poomouse (BIFF 2011), starring Bobby Dartt, co-founder of LaLa, and directing Requiem for a Snowflake (BIFF 2009), also starring Bobby.  She co-created and directed Quake Theater’s Smite Smote Smitten (BIFF 2011), directed GW Productions’ 52 Pickup (Sold-out runs in USA & Canada 2009 to Present, Pick of Fringe BIFF 2008), co-created and co-performed GW Productions’ Dangerously Safe (BIFF 2010), directed Nomadic Theater's The Last Show You'll Ever See (Runs throughout US & Canada, 2009 to Present), and played the role of ‘The Baroness’ in Buskerfly Productions' silent films: Love In the Time of Corruption (2012) and Busker's Bounty (Levante International Film Fest Selection, 2009). For more info:
Her long term research on tragic space and voice, led her to the creation of a gripping and highly-acclaimed adaptation of Aeschylus’ tragedy, Agamemnon, using just one actor (Elizabeth) and one violinist (Dr. Mikylah McTeer).  For more info:


Elizabeth constantly hones her understanding of voice through direct practice with the students she teaches and the actors she directs. In addition to her teaching at Hèlikos, she leads mask, voice, acting, red nose, and movement workshops and classes throughout the United States and Internationally. She is dedicated to helping people find their voice and authentic presence on stage and in life, in an uninhibited creative flow. 

For further information about Liz's work, please visit

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