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The One-Year Training 2013/2014
October 2013

Helikos International School of Theatre Creation has welcomed 22 students from all over the planet to participate in an advanced One-Year Professional Training in theatre creation and movement theatre.

This rigorous program will take place over an eight-month period, divided into three terms, for a total duration of 30 weeks in Florence, Italy.  

The 2013-2014 training will run from October 7th, 2013  to June 1st, 2014.

Arte = Profession

The original meaning of the word arte is “profession."  The One-Year Training is both practical and poetic and is meant for students who have the commitment to use the knowledge acquired in the training to create their own art.  The program is a deep artistic learning process and requires a strong commitment and excitement to devise "arte"  on-stage, as well as the deep desire to enter a process of self-discovery and personal growth off-stage.  

The three terms: The Initiation of the Poetic Body, Masks and Theatrical Transpositions, and Comic Territories, are linked with a journey of self-discovery that refines both personal and poetic power and the ability to bring this power directly to the creative process. Over the course of the year students will be led through moments of revelation, deep learning and profound joy, as well as personal challenges. Facing fears, wounds and resistance to learning and transformation is an essential part of the journey.  

The Commitment to Create

Helikos is a school of creation: the process of devising ensemble theatre involves many artistic personal and collective challenges and often an intense process of creative conflict. This requires personal maturity, self-responsibility and the humbleness of accepting and committing to a group and to a long-term pedagogic relationship. 

The training is not only intended for professional artists with previous performing or training experience (theatre, circus, dance, music, etc.), but to persons coming from other professional paths of life, who have had previous experience in the world of the arts.

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