May, 15 → June 10, 2022
Padova, ITALY


A unique opportunity to study and practice
the essence of Theatre Clown
and the roots of Physical Comedy



The Red Nose Intensive is back !
The Red Nose Intensive Care is up and running !

This training was schedule for April 2020, but the pandemic sent it into the dreamland. The same happened in November 2020. Now, after two crazy years ruled by the pandemic, the odds look favorable again. I am writing this page on January 25th, when things are still complicated and confused, but the high tide of the pandemic seems to be receding. And we are all finding ways to coexist with it.

So it is time to call out the Red Noses again ! And it will be the an extraordinary gathering, full of the unlived joy and the unplayed folly that has brewed in our hearts, body and minds during the long days of lockdown and retreat from the artistic and pedagogic embodied field.
I’ll see you there. I am looking forward.

Giovanni Fusetti

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