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Helikos Classes
The Physical and the Poetic Practice

At Helikos, students engage in two specific courses of study:  Physical Practice and Poetic Practice.

Physical Practice involves practical work with the body, to train, develop and refine the physical awareness, abilities, skills and technique of the students. This includes: Martial Arts, Physical Preparation and Elements of Acrobatics (Acrogioco), Movement Analysis and Movement Technique, and specialized Voice Training.


The Poetic Practice revolves around classes that engage in the practice of exploration, creation and transposition in theatrical languages.  This includes: Improvisation, Playwriting and Theatre Creation.

A Day in the Life of Helikos

In total, the training involves the students for an average of 30 hours per week, over a period of 30 weeks.  Classes take place each day, Monday through Friday, with a minimum of 4 hours of master classes and 2 hours of creation per day.  At the beginning of each week, students receive a theme on which they work in an autonomous class called creation. Each week culminates with the students presenting their resulting research, in the form of original performances, to the pedagogical staff. These presentations are "Open Classes" and are open to the public. During specific periods of the term the students present selected elements of their work in public evenings of performance (Serate).

In addition to the weekly schedule, Helikos offers some weekend intensive workshops as well as some outings to observe nature and human life, renewing the sources of inspiration. At the end of the training, every student will devise an original project. This will be the final step to obtain the diploma.

Each student will be responsible for some tasks connected with the running of the school (service work). In particular the cleaning and ordinary maintenance of the studios are under the direct responsibility of the students.

Additional Courses

The Ma.Ma.S. Atelier (Material-Masks-Space) is directed by Matteo Destro in collaboration with the Helikos staff.  MaMaS is a practical workshop that deals with the study of movement in space, towards the making of masks, costumes and sets.  In this Laboratory students study forms, mask-making and costume creation.

PaPaS (Personal Awareness Process in Altered States) with Giovanni Fusetti is a set of optional classes that encourages students to deepen their awareness of the emotional journey of the actor during the training. Through group sessions this class supports personal processes of self-discovery and emotional awareness through the practice of the Pedagogy of Initiation, which integrates Movement Theatre with elements of Gestalt-Therapy, Bioenergetics, and Process Work (Process Oriented Psychology).

These classes are offered to students beyond the currriculum of the school. They take place at Helikos, in evening sessions and intensive seminars, and involve payment of an extra tuition fee. Please contact the school for further details.

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