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Norman Taylor

Norman Taylor teaches, advises, provokes, creates and directs and is widely regarded as one of the finest international ambassadors of the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq. As a first-generation Master Teacher he taught alongside Lecoq at the famed Parisian school for almost 20 years. 

His specialty is Analysis of Movement and he has taught in over 30 countries at some of the world's finest theater conservatories and is currently on the faculty at the Lassaad school in Belgium.  His latest show, "Between Cup and Lip," is an exploration through gesture-based acting of the elasticity of time and the constant of loneliness. Norman also gives participatory lectures such as: ‘Do we see what we look at?’ and ‘The Sense of Humour’.  He has been a regular visiting teacher during the five seasons of KIKLOS and at Helikos where he teaches multiple times each year.

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