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Bruno Di Loreto Wurms

Bruno di Loreto Wurms has been practicing and researching various martial arts for the last twenty years. His strong interests are in Aki-do, Tai-chi and Chinese Fighting.

He has elaborated a creative approach to martial arts as a way towards physical awareness, integrating the traditional techniques of the Way of the Warrior with the western knowledge concerning the links between the physical and emotional dimensions of the human body.

He is a trainer in Biotransenergetics and bodywork, and has a practice of healing through massage and bodywork. He has explored the use of Martial Arts in various fields, including for artist training, with people recovering from brain damage, with aging people, with people with disabilities, in prisons and in the corporate world. He was a permanent teacher at Kiklos and is now the Master of Arms at Helikos, as well as a member of the Helikos Board of Directors.

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