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Helikos Outreach
Movement Theatre Outreach

The mission of Helikos involves the professional training of theatre artists and the promotion of an artistic educational experience based on our pedagogy of physical creativity.

Helikos Educational Outreach is all trainings offered outside of the full time programs:

  • Dynamic theatre classes, workshops and camps in English and/or Italian, for children, youth and adults;
  • Professional theatre training for artists, teachers, educators, social workers and anyone who operates in the field of education.
  • Helikos is also available to organize customized training programs, performances or events, for schools from elementary schools to universities and private, public or corporate partners.  Please contact us with a proposal.

Our theatrical practice considers the body as the core of the creative process and the main instrument of the artistic creation. Through the body, we enter the process of imitation-representation-invention of reality, thus experiencing a way of learning that focuses on the emotional, intuitive and symbolic dimension of every person.

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