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ALL THOSE WHO wish to deepen the experience of their body, enhance their expressive capabilities, and come closer to the world of  theater.

ALL THOSE  WHO, already active in the theater, want to deepen their understanding of their body and the size and movement of it within the theatrical world.

ALL THOSE WHO are young and old alike, for those who feel young and THOSE WHO DO NOT  FEEL YOUNG.

ALL THOSE WHO desire to play and get involved.

ALL THOSE WHO believe that theater is a serious matter and want to engage in rigorous fun.

ALL THOSE WHO have a love of the theater but have never dared to approach it because they believe it is a privilege of those who are gifted, brave or genetically artists.

ALL THOSE WHO for their profession (teachers, educators, ...) or for other reasons (parents, uncles, ...) who play every day with games and would like to learn more.

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