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The Third Term
Individual Creation Projects

The term starts with the dynamic of caricature and the creation of grotesque characters. Then bouffons will reverse the dramatic space and mock all the themes that are dear to humans and reveal the hidden (=grotesque) side of humanity.

The clown will reveal what is specifically funny about each actor and will lead to the comedy of naivité and stupidity. From red nose clown the journey leads to theatre clowns, to grotesque clowns and then into a variety of comic principles and drives (motori comici). The term and the training culminate with the devising and presentation of individual creation projects.

The Search for Unbalance

Comedy is the search for the many ways in which characters, movement, space, tempo and writing can be unbalanced to provoke the fall of the audience into laughter.

The third term in Helikos' One-Year Professional Training in Movement Theatre Creation focuses on the exploration of fundamental comic territories, following the question "Why and how do we laugh?".

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