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Apply to Helikos
Why Helikos ?

How do you know if Helikos is the training you want?  There are many theatre trainings available in the world based on a very diverse variety of approaches and pedagogic principles.

Helikos is a conservatory of creation and research.  Our program is rigorous.  Before applying to Helikos we strongly advise prospective students to investigate. Read this website carefully and contact us with your questions. If possible, attend a workshop conducted by Giovanni Fusetti or any member of Helikos staff, or have a chat with one of our current or former students.

A Personal and Collective Challenge


To apply to Helikos a minimum age of 24 years is required. Helikos is a school of creation: the process of devising ensemble theatre involves many artistic, personal and collective challenges and often an intense process of creative conflict. This requires personal maturity, self-responsibility, and the humbleness of accepting and committing to a group and to a long-term pedagogic relationship. There is no maximum age: good wines get better with aging, and so do storytellers.

Admission to the One-Year Professional Training in Movement Theatre Creation

To apply to the school a dossier which includes a CV, statement of intent and letters of recommendation must be sent via e-mail. Please include your name, contact details, country of birth and nationality in your opening email statement. Visit our admissions page or CLICK HERE further details. Once the application is received, each candidate will be contacted by Giovanni Fusetti, the director of the program.  At this time applicants will be given the possibility to have a skype conference with the school to discuss the program and their application in detail.

After the application is accepted, the student will be enrolled for the first month of the training. The first four weeks of the term are considered a trial period, during which both the school and the student can verify that they can and want to work together. After this trial period each student is admitted or not to continue the training.

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