Frequently Asked Questions.

The Future of Helikos

Will there be a new One-Year Program in Florence?

Will Helikos reopen in Florence?

What kind of program will Helikos offer in the future?

Helikos School in 2010-2014

What was the difference between the Three-Year Program and the One-Year Program ?

What language are the classes in at Helikos?

What's in a name? Why is the name of the school Helikos?

Italian Visas

Do I need a student visa to attend Helikos?

What is the process for applying for a student visa?

Do I have to complete any additional procedures once in Italy?


How can I find accomodation?

Can I live with other Helikos students?

A Diploma?

Does Helikos provide a diploma or a recognized degree ?

Is Helikos an Accredited Institution ?

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