As a self-funded and self-sustainable entity, Helikos keeps its administration side as light and as efficient as possible. Helikos office is located in the upstairs space of the Fonderia Studio, and these are the contact details:

Via della Fonderia 51,


Tel. +39 055 0603593


Cell. +39 329 1398075

Fax +39 055 3980656


​​​​​​​​Email: scuola@helikos.com

Helikos Office
Teresa Scaletti

School Office Administrator

Contact Teresa for information or with requests related to administration, enrollment, certificates, Visas, and rental of the Fonderia Studio.

Email: teresa.scaletti@helikos.com

Tel: +39 329 1398075

Liz Baron

Helikos Pedagogic Outreach

Contact Liz if you wish to contact Helikos with teaching proposals or if you are interested in having a customized training experience at Helikos.

Email: liz@helikos.com


Sarah Liane Foster

Helikos Educational Outreach

Sarah is in charge of the educational programs of Helikos involving children and young audiences.
Email: sarah@helikos.com


Barbara Draeger

Promotional Satellite

Contact Barbara for anything connected with Helikos Serate and Events, and if you wish to contact Helikos students or graduates with any artistic proposals.

Email: barbara@helikos.com


Helikos is run by a Not-For-Profit Company whose legal coordinates are:


​Via della Fonderia 51, 50142 Firenze, ITALY, 

Codice Fiscale and Partita IVA: 92214000280​.

Helkos is a non-profit entity registered at the Ufficio Registro del Comune di Padova, ITALY, with number 16799, on December 22nd, 2008.

Since June 2010, Helikos is patrocinated by the City of Florence (Patrocinio del Comune di Firenze).

L'Associazione Culturale Helikos is associated with ARCI, and all activities require the participants to become members. Helikos Membership Fee and ARCI card fee are included in the tuition of any activity proposed by Helikos.

This website is legal property of: Associazione Culturale Helikos. All unauthorized use of pictures contained in this website is illegal.

Email: scuola@helikos.com     Web:  http://www.helikos.com,    http://www.helikos.org

Helikos is legally represented by Giovanni Fusetti, President of the Associazione Culturale Helikos.

To contact the website manager please email to  scuola@helikos.com.